You have a successful business, and it’s finally time to grow and


Conventional financing options for commercial real estate don’t work, and you aren’t sure where to turn next. SBA Loans can help bring what feels like a small business pipedream, to full-fledged reality.

What is an SBA Loan?


These government-backed loans open the doors to more competitive interest rates and attractive terms that are typically reserved for larger businesses. While traditional loans require 25-45% cash injection, the Small Business Administration guarantees a portion of an SBA Loan, decreasing your business’s contribution to as little as 10%, preserving much needed business cash flow.

Is an SBA Loan right for you?

Learn how you can use an SBA Loan to fund your commercial real estate or owner-occupied commercial real estate plans.


Do you rent instead of own? If you’re renting a commercial office space, you do not have control of your operating expenses. SBA Loan options allow business owners to take control of their expenses by purchasing commercial buildings with very little down in payment structure (10% down). Using an SBA Loan, you can scale and grow while keeping cash flow within your business.

Benefits of this type of loan structure

Lower down payment

More aggressive underwriting

Longer terms

The SBA is primed with two loan options ready to help skyrocket your business. How do you know which one is best for you?

Purchase your dream office with an SBA 7(a) Loan


Business expenses like commercial real estate and owner-occupied commercial property are the perfect fit for an SBA 7(a) Loan.

Expand your business footprint with an SBA 504 Loan


The SBA awards 504 Loans in partnership with a Certified Development Company, or CDC. This program is available for commercial real estate or land purchase, heavy machinery purchases, facility construction or improvements. The SBA 504 Loan is the go-to for fixed assets over $500,000.

Key Insights:
  • Purchase real estate with as little as 10% down
  • Access to loan amounts varied between $350,000 and $5.5 Million
  • Quick turnaround and closing times
  • Up to 25 – year loan term on commercial real estate
  • Cash out for working capital IS eligible
Eligibility Minimum:
  • 51% of space should be owner – occupied commercial real estate
Key Insights:
  • More rigid use standards: Projects must create a set number of jobs or contribute to community development
    • No Cash Out
    • Must be used for real estate or equipment purchases only
  • The loan is structured in three parts:
    • 50% from a traditional lender
    • 40% from the SBA/CDC
    • 10% provided by borrower
  • Serves projects as large as $10 Million and above
  • Loan terms are up to 25 years from the SBA and 30 years from Private Business Capital
  • Does not require additional collateral, but owners with shares of more than 20% must sign personal guarantees

Why use Private Business Capital for Your SBA Loan?

The PB Capital team creativity extends well-beyond an expertise in loan terms and requirements. We look for trailblazing ways to empower every business’s story with the loan they need to springboard their growth to the next stage in business development.


PB Capital is one of the few lending providers that offers a 30-year, fully amortized loan structure, which sets our team apart in the industry.

Not driven by credit scores

We understand small business financials and work with your business plan to secure the best option for you

We do not require deposits

You can stay with your current bank and ou r team can solely fund your loan. PB Capital is a transactional lender and we do not require a deposit relationship with our clients

We turn a ‘ No’ into a ‘Yes’

If your current bank rejects your loan application, we can help solve your issues

We understand the pace of business

We execute deals in a fast and quick turnaround time, providing approvals on SBA 7(a) loans in as little as 2 - 4 days

Does an expiring or maturing note have your business in a bind?

We can help refinance commercial real estate.

We know what CDC looks for

Many of our team members have worked for Certified Development Companies, giving us the insider’s advantage when it comes to securing an SBA 504 Loan.

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