Manage & Scale Your Business

Level Up Through Acquisition or Refinance of Commercial Real Estate

As a small business owner, growing, scaling and managing your business can be challenging. If you’re looking for capital and want to operate at your fullest capacity, an SBA loan might be the solution you’re looking for. As a SBA approved lender, PB Capital can offer low interest rates, and repayment terms up to 25 years.

SBA 504 Buy or Renovate

10% Down 25 Year Loan

The program was developed to help small business owners buy or renovate commercial real estate for their own operations with as little as 10% equity injection.


The business must be for-profit and eligible by the business size standards.


  • Business net worth not to exceed $15 million.
  • Average net profit after taxes for 2 consecutive years not to exceed $5 million and should show cash flow for the project.

Loan Structure


Generally, the project assets being financed are used as collateral. The common structure is called 50/40/10.


  • The bank provides 50% financing.
  • The SBA through a private non-profit organization called a CDC provides 40% financing.
  • The remaining 10% equity injection coming from the borrower.
  • SBA requires personal guarantees of principals that own 20% or more of the operating company.


In addition to allowing 90% financing on commercial real estate, the SBA portion of the loan is a very attractive 25-year loan with the interest rate fixed for the life of the loan.

Program Advantages

This program is designed to allow the small business to control their facility costs while keeping capital in the business. Normal non-SBA financing requires 25-35% injection, by limiting the injection to 10%, the business can support growth and add additional employees.


While it may sound complicated with 2 different lenders and approvals, many of our business development officers have worked for a CDC, and all of us on the PB Capital team have extensive 504 experience.

The PB Capital Advantage

While all CDC’s are licensed by the SBA to support the 504 programs, and all offer the same rates and costs, not all banks have the creativity or experience necessary to get your project approved.


We stand out from other providers and have the ability to help you navigate the entire process and get you loan close on time!

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