Wicked Creations, Inc

Wicked Creations Inc. builds some of the finest off-road race and play vehicles.

Location: Garden Grove, CA
  • 5 day credit decision
  • Low Fico Score
  • Business expansion with limited historical cash flow
  • SBA 7(a) loan
  • Closing time exceeded client expectations

Company Profile

Wicked Creations had expanded their business and had tremendous growth over the last 12 months. The business owner needed additional space to accommodate this acceleration and had an opportunity to purchase a building for the business.


In part, because the owner did not have many credit accounts, he had a low FICO score. The building was critical to the business, and he had to close escrow with a very expensive and short-term hard money loan. Due to the low FICO score he did not qualify for most Banks minimum score. PB Capital was able to overcome the low score and provided the client with an SBA 7a loan that allowed him to keep the building and avoid expensive renewal options on the hard money loan. The business is using the savings to purchase additional equipment that will fuel their continued growth.

Client’s Experience

“PB Capital provided us with a very personal and convenient lending experience. I was seeking a loan because I bought a building with a hard money loan that required refinancing within a year of ownership.


My existing business banking provider was not able to help me with my lending needs due to the specifics of their lending requirements. We run two businesses and one had only been doing business for a year. Both businesses have great growth potential and continued increased revenue. My business banker, who I trust very much, referred me to PB Capital and they were able to work with our business, and thankfully provide a solution offering everything that we needed for the refinance on our building loan.


PB Capital took over the whole case, and they met with my team at my shop to see firsthand what the intentions were for all that we do as a business. They handled all of the paperwork, it was easy to manage and resulted in a successful outcome. In my experience, other lenders or bankers had assumed that I was young and didn’t know anything about business or the lending process, but PB capital took time to create a personal connection, build our relationship, and really helped us out.


Without PB Capital we could have lost the building, which would have been detrimental to the business. With the building, the business continues to grow and prosper. ”


– Mike Boone, Wicked Creations Inc.

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