Garrett Gentry

General Engineering

Grading, concrete and pipeline contracting company.

Location: Upland, CA
  • Approve & Fund Loan in 30 days
  • Low Fico Score
  • Building acquisition with purchase price significantly under market
  • SBA 504 loan
  • Business is now projecting over $20 million in total sales in 2018

Company Profile

Garrett Gentry started his general engineering business in 2012. Shortly after starting the company, one of his customers neglected to pay for a large sum of a completed contract, leaving the business with unpaid contracted services. This unfortunate circumstance came at a tough time for the business, and Garrett was forced to use his personal resources to keep the business open, but got behind on some of his payments. That situation impacted his business and personal credit score.

Business Growth

By 2014 the business was back on track, and Garrett Genrty General Engineering has experienced strong growth in revenue and great profitability after the last 4 years, and diversified their customers base significantly. They are projecting over $20 million in total sales in 2018. The business had an opportunity to acquire their existing building under a lease option arrangement, resulting in a purchase price significantly under market.

Client’s Experience

“PB Capital offers fantastic customer service, and the team was focused on finding a way to make our lending needs happen. During our process, I found that everyone I worked with bent over backwards for us. I had spent almost a year searching for a bank that could take care of my real estate needs, and get the line of credit going, and several banks just couldn’t make it happen the way it needed to, on the terms that we needed.


A lot of banks have boilerplate laws or processes, and if one little thing is outside of their stipulations, they aren’t interested in conducting business with you. PB Capital spent more time getting to know our business by looking into the specifics, and then understood that it is a successful business.


I discovered PB Capital through another banking professional who had referred them. I think that speaks volumes to the way that they do business, and the level of professionalism and respect they have within their industry.


With the solutions PB Capital provided, we are able to get bigger jobs, it’s helped our business run more efficiently, and has helped to manage our cash flow. This ultimately allows for continued growth and scalability to my business.”


– Garrett Gentry, Garrett Gentry General Engineering

Lending Challenges Preventing Growth

When shopping for funding, Gentry found that traditional big bank lenders did not like the construction industry and were unable to provide the lending solutions needed due to Gentry’s unique needs and circumstances which did not meet most banks requirements.

PB Capital Lending Solutions

PB Capital was able to approve and fund the loan in 30 days, despite the obstacles. The company now owns their facility, along with a line of credit, which will allow them the stability needed to continue to grow the business.

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